six. or: new year’s resolutions

December 20, 2013.


So it’s essentially been 4 months since i’ve blogged. oops. this past semester was just insane, and a lot more work than i initially anticipated. however, with blood, sweat, and many tears, i made it through alive with a 3.8  semester GPA, for an overall GPA of 3.735. Not the best GPA but definitely not bad.

Small victory, I didn’t gain any weight this semester. I didn’t lose any, but I didn’t gain any. Which is amazing considering the amount of fruit snacks, fish sticks, crackers, pasta, and fast food I ate, and the amount of vodka, vanilla coke, and beer I drank. I got lucky that somehow it all disappeared.

This semester will be different though. There’s a girl I went to highschool with, she was a few years older than me and we were NOT friends. BUT she used to be 235 lbs and since the beginning of the year she’s lost over 100 lbs, just by eating right and doing a lot of cardio. That was seriously inspiration for me. If this girl can lose 100, I can lose 40. If she can run, I can run. I know it won’t be an instant process, but my Little in my sorority is going to train for Color Me Rad 2014 with me (MARCH 15, WOOHOOO! SO EXCITED!!) and I have a bunch of friends who constantly nag me to go to the gym with them. There’s also this detox tea I want (TinyTea from YourTea). I follow them on instagram and am in love with their success stories, and I asked for it for Christmas hehe.  When i was talking to my dad about it the other day, i told him i’ll go back to being gluten free if I get the tea, so i hope that works.. because i hate being gluten free but if it comes down to it I can be. I have the genes for celiac disease but haven’t been diagnosed. I was gluten free for years and it sucks. But it’ll honestly be so much better for my health. And today I made a smoothie for the first time in months so that was amazing and delicious (tangerine juice, peaches, pears, strawberries, cucumbers, celery).


And with that, here are my New Year’s Resolutions

  • Hit the gym at least once a week for an hour. That’ll do almost nothing but if I am low, I can always exceed my goal.
  • Go gluten free. It’ll suck, but I need to do it
  • Cut down on carbs in general, and increase the amount of protein I eat. One of my favorite snacks is already vegetables with Garlic&Herb laughing cow cheese, so I got the healthy snack thing down, I just need more protein.
  • By the end of the semester, I want to be able to be happy with what I look like. Right now, i’m not 100% unhappy, because I’ve found a way to dress myself where I like what i look like (mostly) but I want to be able to wear my tight clothes and stuff without wanting to cry.

Happy holidays, everyone!


five. or: this year is going to be a lot more work than i had originally planned

august 21, 2013. my 2nd day of my sophomore year of college. in the past 13 days, i’ve painted 7 banners, helped recruit 46 new women to be Phi Mus, and had 4 classes. i have one more at 4:00, and a class thursday that hasn’t started yet. i’m exhausted, i can’t feel my toes from my recruitment shoes, and the amount of blisters, bruises, and cuts i’ve amassed since returning to school is all together way too high. i’ve gone through a week of barely eating, to a week of eating pasta for 4 meals so far. i’ve begun organizing all my crap in my dorm, seen my best friends, and got a tinder. it’s been crazy and hectic and exhausting, but i’m so happy i’m back at school.


after this crazy first week is over, i’m officially starting my journey. i’ve been taking small steps for 2 weeks. opting for water instead of soda. carrots instead of chips. a quesadilla with lotsa veggies instead of chick-fil-a. i’ve just been straight up too busy to set aside an hour to meal plan, time for the gym.. it’s a poor excuse but i know i’m going to make a change.

i got my friend to restart doing myfitnesspal (which i’ve been really bad about doing) and she’s going to start helping me rememmber to use it. jackie (one of my lovely roommates) wants to be healthy too, so we’re going to motivate each other.

also ericka, another roommate, is skinny and a runner and gorgeous so that’s motivation. i know this isn’t an exciting post. but. 18 hours of school, a sorority, a job within said sorority, being treasurer of a club, and being morale head for Dance Marathon is exhausting and i’m so stressed already. but thanks to my friends and my awesome planner, i think things will end up okay. i need to remember to blog more. i will be back soon.

four. or: junkfood confessions.

so it’s august 11th, my only day off until the 19th. as soon as I got back to charleston, I went straight to recruitment workshop to learn how to be super awesome at recruitment. right after that i went to walmart to get sheets and paint for banner-making, and except for a little trip to a hookah bar last night, all of my “free time” has been banner painting. that said, i haven’t had tons of time for eating which is yay.


Stevie and I call our healthy eating/ exercising program Skinny Bitches 2k13, and one of our other friends Kat is doing to too. right now during recruitment prep and then during rush, we’ll probably lose weight due to lack of time to eat much, but once that’s all over (IN A WEEK! A WEEK AND I’M FREE TO SLEEP PAST 7!!) we’re eating good, hitting the gym, and making sure the bodies we want is the bodies we have.

so you all probably don’t know this, but i LOVE jenna marbles. so much. and one of my favorite videos is Junk Food Confessions. no matter how many times i’ve watched it, it still makes me cry laughing. because she is hilarious and also i can totally relate to is. (here’s the link for the video, except i don’t know how to make it a clickable link so sorry


she has inspired me to write y’all a list of confessions, brought to you by my inner (and outer) fat kid.

1) when i’m using my fitness pal which i just started using and i eat little bits of unhealthy food (which adds up a lot over a day) i don’t put it in

2) i buy junkfood just to have and don’t eat it and just hoard it

3) i overeat healthy food so it;s not actually healthy anymore because i eat so much of it

4) i eat healthy but then go drink starbucks and boom there’s all my weight back

5) i bored eat. a lot.

6) if i’m with anyone and they order food anywhere (takeout, starbucks, restaurant, ANYWHERE) even if i’m not hungry i order food anyways to eat7) carbs. i eat all the carbs. and i only like white breads and pastas.

8) i am so lazy. once i get to the gym it;s okay but the thought of getting out of bed and moving is just awful and it’s so bad

9) the amount of late night chinese and pizza my suitemates/ friends and i ordered last year should be illegal.

none of these are as funny as jenna marbles’ but that’s the thing, i don’t eat wildly unhealthily. yes i am an unhealthy eater sometimes but generally i eat lean meats and lots of fruits and veggies. also a lot of carbs. but i try not to eat them a lot. soda and i are on and off friends. sometimes i go months without it and sometimes i have multiple a day. and i know exactly how bad soda is for you i just can’t help it sometimes.

hopefully my roommates like to eat at least sorta healthy, or like to cook. or at least respect my healthiness haha.

i’m too stressed and busy to be overly concerned about it right now since at the moment, moving into my dorm and recruitment and banner are top of the list. but august 19th that will hopefully change!

three. or: starting day 1 of actual health/ recuritment prep super early

august 8, the day I’ve been waiting for for so long. Today is the day that I get to go back to my favorite place in the world (besides Disney World!); Charleston, South Carolina. My college is located in the heart of the city, and I could not be more in love with any place as I am my school and city. It is absolutely stunning. The houses are gorgeous (hence my Historic Preservation major!), the trees are lovely, it’s on the waterfront, there is so much to do.. it’s perfect for me.


I’ve been waiting for this day since before I left school to go home for the summer. Today, I am reunited with my sorority sisters, some of whom are my best friends in the world (besides my homegirl bridgette. she’s my numero uno for life). I met these girls in January, and they’ve become a very big, important, wonderful part of my life. Anne, Stevie, Ashley, Monica, Steph and Kat are just perfect. Here’s me, Ash, Stevie, Monica, and Anne throwin’ the quat in the pineapple fountain in Charleston. Image


But apart from being the day I’m reunited with the best ladies in the land, today’s also the day I told myself I’d start the slow journey to a healthier life. On the way to the airport, I had some fruit salad. At Dunkin Donuts in the airport, I got a wakeup wrap with eggwhites instead of my usual plain bagel (or two…), and I got a small iced coffee instead of my usual large. I also grabbed a mango odwalla for the flight, because yum, mangos.


There’s a gym at school we can use for free, and I love it. As students we also get free membership to a couple gyms downtown and usually that’s where all the muscleheads go. The school gym (the Stern Center, for future reference) mostly is filled with girls. So that’s less pressure and it’s lovely.

I got a MyFitnessPal account (emilylacroix if you want to add me. bridgette is bridggemarie) and I’ve started using it… as of yesterday…. and I really need to remember to keep it up, even if I have to write in my planner to fill it out.

Because of sorority recruitment, I’m gonna be busy 9-5 almost every day until the 19th when it’s finally over. This constant work will keep me from eating all day every day, and help me structure my meal times (hopefully!) Also i heard that it’s common for people to lose 5-10lbs during rush season due to stress/ lack of sleep/ lack of eating. That’s not necessarily the healthiest way to go about things but hey.. I’m not gonna complain hehehe


We can’t move into on-campus housing until the 11th (so dumb) so I’m staying with Stevie for a few days. This is great for a number of reasons.

  1. I have seriously missed this girl
  2. She’s starting to be a healthy lady too
  3. she lives close to my dorm so I won’t have to haul my stuff too far on sunday
  4. she’ll keep me on track. she likes being in charge.

So as I type this, waiting at gate 6 in the Bradley Airport in Hartford CT, waiting to board my 6AM flight to Baltimore and then book it to my flight to Charleston, I am imagining how much happier I will be about everything once I really get into my new eating techniques, organization techniques, blogging flow (I’m still a disorganized mess), gym and yoga schedule (8:45pm every wednesday is power yoga! woohoo!), and new skinny fit healthy body. I can’t wait to share this journey with all my like…. 10 followers. love y’all. I’m slowly building up the courgae to put up a “before” photo as motivation. I’m seriously self conscious about my bod right now, so may putting up a picture on the internet will really make we wanna change.


time to board flight #1 almost. holla at anyone who reads this. and i don’t know how to end blog posts yet so ..bye..


two. or: convincing bridgette to get a blog

so i don’t know how to add pictures to my posts on the app, but today i’m at starbucks with my bestfriend bridgette. i’m convicing her to get a wordpress with me so we can support/ help each other long distance (i go to school in south carolina, she goes to school here in MA). we’ve been trying to be healthy for YEARS but whenever we get together we just eat eat eat. it’s a problem. but both of us are tired of being chunky monkeys, and we wanna fit into itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot bikinis. and also we wanna look cute in crop tops, tight clothes, and all that.

also, she has a myfitnesspal and i’ll be getting one soon as well. we really are gonna try to help each other lose our ideas weights healthily and hopefully
this time we give each other healthy influences instead of unhealthy ones.

PS i fgured out how to add pictures!! wish us luck!


one. or: the day i really decided to pull myself together

This picture is me. I just off the Disney Wonder after my 7-night Alaskan cruise. It was spectacular! If you’ve been on a cruise before, you know you eat a LOT. So I’m probably over 160lbs right now, and this is somewhere I never wanted to be. I’ve gained about 20lbs in the past year, which sucks. Looking back on picture of myself, even from a year ago, I can see the difference. I’ve never been SKINNY but I’ve also never been this big. I wear a size 10-14 pants, depending on the brand. Large leggings usually, but sometimes mediums fit. I always get large or extra-large tops to camouflage my stomach and hips. And yes I love how tight pants and baggy shirts look, but I want to be comfortable in tighter things. I always try to dress for the body I have, not the body I want, but someday I want those bodies to be the same thing. I want, not just to be skinny, but to be healthy and strong as well. Last year, I went to the gym semi-regularly, did a 5k (in 40minutes), and a 10k (in 1hr25min). Both races were big accomplishments for me (I’ve danced all my life and have very bad endurance. Shorts bursts of energy to whip out a routine I got. But long cardio stuff…. not my thing). 


But anyways. I’m leaving for my sophomore year of college at the College of Charleston on Aug 8, just a few days away. I get to school and go right into preparation for fall recruitment (Go Phi Mu!). This year I have 18hrs of class per week (I’m a double major, double minor), I’m head of banner committee (with 3 banners due by Aug 18, panic!!), head of the morale team for Dance Marathon 2014 (to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals), and treasure for my school’s branch of the South Carolina Student Legislature. I want a job, and HOPEFULLY I’ll be getting a little this semester. I don’t have time to plan out every single little meticulous detail of my life in order to lose my goal amount of weight (30lbs by Christmas) so I’m leaning on pinterest and other blogs ( is my homepage and my newest favorite inspiration blog) for ideas and inspiration.


This summer I made a weightloss tumblr and stuck to it for maybe 2 weeks before that went downhill, but I’m not going to let that happen to this blog, even if maaaaaybe only one person reads it. I need a place to explain, analyze, post successes, and discuss. And thus, My Healthy Body, Happy Mind was born!


I have a LOVELY new Erin Condren Planner (pricey but omg so so so worth it) and it comes with so many colored stickers. When I get back home from my cruise (we’re staying overnight in Vancouver!) I am dedicating one color of stickers to this blog, and making myself blog at least once a week, hopefully more.


I have scheduled gym time with my lovely friend Anne. I have a standing Power Yoga date with another friend, Megan. Towards the end of last semester i ended up ditching her a lot but this semester I’m MAKING TIME for yoga. Yoga is hard work but the feeling of reward and relaxation at the end is so worth it for me. Also, I have gathered a lot of healthy ideas pinned on pinterest (Emily LaCroix, on my COLLEGE board) along with workout plans. I’ll post a bunch of them soon, I just wanted to get this post out there.


Sorry this post is so disorganized, y’all… if there is a “y’all”.. I hope there is! Image